Hello my lovely people! As you can probably guess from the accurate title, yes, I'm taking a break from blogging. To be honest it's not really a BREAK. The thing is, I'm fed up with my editing platform WIX (it's so slow and basically it's not made for blogging, I wouldn't be surprised if you can't open this page now lol), that's the main point. The other thing is, I wanna introduce you to the new NATINSTABLOG layout, new topics, new videos and overall my blog and YouTube is going to become more regular and hopefully better looking hah. And to do all of this I need time. Which means I won't have time for taking pictures, collaborations etc. because I'm not a super rich blogging power I don't have anyone who helps me out with web, domains, graphics, texts etc so it is going to be sooo time consuming to learn how to actually do it and how to do it the way I want, so please bare with me! I'm hoping to release the new page on the 1st of January, but who knows what can happen. I will still be active on the platforms such as Instagram and Facebook so I will be sending you updates on my progress over there. On the other side I haven't been so active on Snapchat (@natinstablog) lately (moved that to Instastories) and I still don't really get the whole Twitter thing (using it mostly to complain to companies :D) but you will still be able to reach me over there too. I'm also open to any suggestions to what you'd like to see on my new blog, what you wanna see more of on my YouTube channel and you can also email me who you are, where you come from and why do you like reading my blog and what you don't want me to change. Basically anything that can be some sort of inspiring to me and help me grow better :).

I won't be talking any more bullshit and will speak to you again SOON!

For now you can enjoy these pictures by PEDRO ANTUNES :).

I'm wearing:

jumpsuit - Asos (also seen HERE)

faux leather jacket - French Connection (also seen HERE)

boots - Asos (also seen HERE)

snapback - made to order

bag - Moschino (bought at Matchesfashion.com)


Enjoy the colder days and MERRY XMAS!



#streetstyle #natinstablog #pedroantunes #random

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Posts Are Coming Soon
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Posts Are Coming Soon
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